Wednesday, February 15, 2012

[Engagement Party] - Invites and Planning

When Craig and I got engaged back in December - we both thought that we wouldn't have an engagement party. We dropped the news on Facebook (as we were on vacation in Canada) and watched friends and family from around the world go crazy with well wishes. Now, for the last couple of weeks we have been planning almost a 'mini-wedding' of sorts since we both agreed that we are going to eventually be married in Canada, and most of our friends and family won't be able to make the journey - we want to give them a pretty good party. Not to mention that my sister and her partner are coming home from Wales to celebrate Sam's birthday.

The invitations are cute. As we have already sent a few out, I think it's okay to share part of it:

So, with the colour theme decided for me through the invitations - We are going with a Winter meets Spring theme. Fairy lights, candles, trees, flowers, and snowflakes. Yes, kinda strange - but for everyone that knows me - I'm not your average person.

Food and beverage wise - Finger food. Nothing super special. I don't want to go to too much trouble with fiddly little finger foods. There will be a combination of oven baked, fried and cold hors d'oeuvres for our guests to enjoy. Although we are taking the cheap route and cooking ourselves (well, aided by friends and family).  Plenty of nice wine that my lovely mother will be supplying out of her own cellar and of course, a party wouldn't be a party without a keg. The beer that the boys have chosen is pretty nice. At least, I hope that's the beer that Craig has decided to run with. (Is supposed to resemble Kokanee, which is a Canadian Beer that Craig lived on while we were in Canada).

Speeches? I would rather that we don't have them - but if our famalies think that we should have them - then they can go nuts. I hate making speeches, so if we have to give one between the two of us - it might have to come down to us thanking everyone very quickly.

Cake? Damned straight. Cupcakes. Lots and lots of cupcakes.

More importantly: My Outfit. Yes. I am looking at ordering a gorgeous dress. I will probably go to Aldo and buy some shoes as well. Haven't had the opportunity to get really glammed up since the Johnny English Reborn premiere in Sydney (September 2011) and am really looking forward to it.

I just hope we can get it all together in time for March 10th. The date is fast approaching.


  1. Sounds excellent, lovely! The invitations are beautiful.

    1. Yeah they are super cute. Good old Vistaprint! ;)