Monday, March 12, 2012

[ Engagement Party ] Thank you

A very quick thank you to everyone who came to our engagement party this past weekend. We had such an amazing night with our family and friends who came and helped Craig and I celebrate. Everything that I had envisioned for the evening came to fruition so I am beyond ecstatic. We hope you all had a good time!

For those who 'Made a Wish' - Expect a little something as a thank-you in the mail in the coming weeks. : )

Thanking everyone for coming.

Wishing Well - Wishing Tree - Memories and Cupcakes

Outdoor bar which became the 'Wine Bar'

Outdoor area overlooking the pool

Outdoor lanterns and orchids 


  1. I was there in spirit. Eating your spirit cupcakes.

    1. I plan on making 'XF3 Greenlight' Cupcakes when that eventually happens. Who knows, we may get to eat them in Melbourne! ;)