Tuesday, March 13, 2012

[ Fashion ] I love shoes. And it's Gillian Anderson's Fault.

Gillian Anderson paired up with William Banks-Blaney of William Vintage and has had the most devine clothes and styling recently (well, ongoing for quite some time now!) - It has inspired me somewhat to become a 'girly girl'. I've been trawling through Vintage and Vintage inspired stores (online and in person) and have also become obsessed with shoes.

Especially after seeing the British Airways photoshoot in Moscow.

For our engagement party I left my shoes to the last minute so that I could find just the perfect pair. Originally I was going to go with a really hot pair of glittery shoes from Aldo, but decided against them. Then I was going to go with a patent nude shoe... then I was going to go with a Magenta Suede Pump. Finally, it was decided on. When I saw those blue shoes, I knew I had to have a similar pair. Joanne Mercer has a sale on all Suede coloured shoes ($79.95). I may go back and get some different colours.
Joanne Mercer - JM-Marais in Cobalt
The next purchase on my list was a black 'occasion' shoe. I went to Novo shoes as they were having a sale, and bought these.

Novo - Crush Wedges (purchased in Black)

Next on my list of purchases in the coming months. The black dress and matching coat. Previously mentioned in my blog. Excited.

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