Tuesday, May 29, 2012

[ Life ] Busy, but loving it!

Approaching June 2012. The month I've been counting down to.

There is so much coming up.

Work is approaching end of financial year (so it's going to be crazy busy, which is a good thing!) - The 'Born This Way' Ball is happening on June 13th (cannot wait to see Lady Gaga again!) - My 30th Birthday Party 'Back to the 90s' is happening on June 23rd - and then last but not least, on June 30th I will attend OzComicCon in Melbourne, and finally get to meet 'Walter Skinner' himself, Mr Mitch Pileggi.

'American Flag' Costume is what I'm wearing to The BTW Ball!

My gorgeous dress for the MP Dinner (OzComCon)

Throughout July, I will be concentrating on work with PAYG summaries and rate changes coming out of my butt. But at least it all gets done, and then the year can progress (with Wedding Planning!!!). I'm hoping to hear back from the Whistler council hopefully by the end of the week. Then after 6 long months I will finally have set the date for our special day. I envision everything in my head, but since I'm not physically on the ground in Whistler until the beginning of January 2014, I'm going to have to employ a wedding planning service I think. People who know me, will know that this is going to be very hard for me to hand the reigns over to someone else... but it's what has to be done.

Also still waiting patiently to see if my dream dress  is going to be a reality. : )

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