Friday, May 11, 2012

[ Life ] Tough week

It's been a tough week (personally) for me this week.

Over the weekend, my little man was unwell. He wasn't happy. He didn't wag his tail and seemed to be in some pain. By Monday he was acting very strangely. Monday of course was a bank holiday here in Brisbane. Vets were closed. Animal Emergency Service was open. We took him, they 'corrected the problem' (Too gross to mention on here - lol) and there were a couple of days from correction until the 'Normal Stewie' returned. It was so good to see him wake up and come out of the room wagging his tail yesterday.

Poor Baby.

Then of course there were work problems. The server at work died. Not to be recovered. We are very lucky that our computer tecnician was working on a 'backup server' and had it ready to switch over. However that switch over took 36 hours. Yes, our clients had to wait an extra day before they got their wages. While they didn't really express that they were too worried, knowing that we held onto so many people's wages was upsetting - for me personally.  We got lucky that the clients were for most the part, understanding.

There were a couple that were freaked - but they are lucky that they got their wages at all.

Mum and I proved that we get get the wages out when we are under severe pressure. Doing 1.5 days worth of work in a little under 4 hours. An impressive feat. Getting thanked by a couple of the clients for working so hard to ensure their staff were paid was rewarding. : )

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