Friday, May 04, 2012

[ Wedding ] Productive Week!

I know Craig doesn't read my blog, so I'm going to post that this is GORGEOUS. A coat to cover a dress during winter. This is my mission. Gonna need something to cover up when I'm moving from place to place for photos. DEVINE. Love it.

I've also made the decision that I want to have some photos taken in Vancouver. Stanley Park, Prospect Point, Pendrell Street, Overlooking downtown from Granville Island and somewhere along the seawall. Since the daylight doesn't last very long in Canada during Winter, we may have to dress twice to get the shots that we want.

I've put in the request with the Whistler Municipal Council to book the park!

I'm in contact with Vogue's Vintage King. ; )

Ladies and gentlemen, it's all systems go! Hooray! What a productive week!

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