Friday, June 15, 2012

My emails to Live Nation - BTW Ball Stuff Up. #LadyGaga

From:Sandi Hicks (
Sent:Friday, 15 June 2012 9:39:31 AM

To whom this may concern,

Further to my email sent Thursday 14th June 2012, I would like to provide you a detailed account of what happened at the 'Born This Way' ball when hundreds of fans were denied the opportunity to be a part of the exclusive 'Monster Pit'.

On Wednesday June 13th I arrived  at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre and joined the queue with other Lady Gaga fans who were all holders of 'General Admission' Tickets. We waited patiently from 8am, until 5.30pm. Throughout the day, security gave us updates on how the monster pit selection would work, saying that we would receive wristbands for the pit at the doors to the arena. At no time did they make mention that only doors four and eleven would be receiving entry into the monster pit. I was 7th in my line at door 10. After seeing that people were walking past us with pit allocation wristbands, we started asking questions of staff to try and find out why we had not been allocated yet. They kept telling us that they had no information and would get back to us, or sent us to the administration window that would not help either. Ultimately the doors opened and we were told that the tickets had all been allocated.

We entered the doors and a few of us at the front of the line demanded to speak to a supervisor. We were virtually screamed at by event staff telling us that we were wrong, and ultimately the supervisor, saying that it did not say on our tickets that we were in the monster pit. And that pit allocation only happened at doors four and eleven. We tried to reason with the staff explaining that all general admission should have had the opportunity as it said on Lady Gaga's website, to be told repeatedly that "We were wrong."

Meanwhile, everyone that was behind us in the queue was already in front of us in the general admission area - and we were now forced to stand at the back of the general admission area, after we had waited out the front of the entertainment centre all day.

I have worked in the customer service industry (in both hospitality, administration and even very briefly in PR) and have never been treated as poorly as I was at that moment by the Brisbane Entertainment Centre staff (who are representing Live Nation in this case) as hosts of the Lady Gaga event.

Everyone who was in the back General Admission area, paid just as much as everyone that was in the front. They cannot help that they were allocated in the back. At $180 per ticket, this is not something that many people can afford to do more than once. Certainly not myself, as I currently have a mortgage and am saving up to get married. Personally I don't know that this situation can ever be corrected.  It has left me with a very horrible taste in my mouth, and I know that myself and many others will be thinking twice before they attend any future events that Live Nation put on as this is completely wrong.

I know that I'm just another fan, writing with a complaint. And I'm sure you have received plenty of complaints in this regard. I know her event PR would not be happy with this information, and I definitely know that Ms Germanotta would not appreciate how her fans have been treated in this instance. The whole reason that she puts on these shows is to bring her fans together, to celebrate all things that make our lives special. I know I should be appreciating the fact that I've got to see the most amazing performer in the world put on such a spectacular show - but to be honest, I don't remember what actually happened during the show because all that had been playing on my mind is the 12+ hour wait, and then to be screamed at by staff, and then having to stand at the back of the general admission area because we tried to find out why we had been lied to.

I would appreciate you to contact me in regards to this matter. I can be contacted on mobile 04********.

I await your reply,

Sandra (Sandi) Hicks

Subject: Formal Complaint: Born This Way Ball Brisbane (June 13 2012)
Date: Thu, 14 Jun 2012 14:34:10 +1000

To Whom this may concern,

I am one of hundreds of Lady Gaga fans who waited all day (12+ hours) outside the Brisbane Entertainment Centre to line up for the Monster Pit for the Lady Gaga 'Born This Way Ball' - I had a General admission ticket for section 10, and was 7th in line and would have been guaranteed a wristband for the pit. I had dressed all day for it, and abided by the rules - only to be told that there were no wristbands for us, and that we would be at the back of the general admission area as ticketed.

I would like a formal explanation - and I would like some form of renumeration as I had to take the day off work to do this - and cannot do this again, nor can I replicate lining up for 12 plus hours.

If you are offering tickets to a future show - I will be in Melbourne during Gaga's performances (except June 30).

It was extremely disappointing to abide by the rules, and to then have it not come out right. And I know that Lady Gaga would be disgusted to know that those who did the right thing, missed out on a technicality.

I have also attached photographic proof of my ticket, and costume from the day.

I look forward to hearing from you.

If you wish to contact me, please do so via return email - or via mobile 04********.

Sandi Hicks

Section GA 'Door 10'

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