Thursday, August 30, 2012

After going through dozens of wedding celebrants - we thought we had picked our man. We sent the request off, and low and behold, he wasn't available.

Which sucks, because this was something that C and I finally agreed on.

Lucky for us, our company that we have decided to use has provided an amazing alternative - and upon watching his videos, think that he may even be a better match for us.


Isn't it funny how things work out?

Have also made contact with our ceremony location and it seems to be available. For a price, of course. But hey, if you want to make those dreams happen - you have to pay the price.

I have even managed to convince C about the reception venue! How that happened I have no idea. But it happened.

I am happy with how the planning is going so far.

Save the dates are slowly going out. I decided to make these myself... and because they are so detailed... they take time to put together. These are the choices we make to save money. However I love how they have turned out. We are in the process of hand delivering them to people close to us, and mailing the rest. Exciting times ahead!

I am the master of my hot glue gun....

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