Monday, September 03, 2012

As the title of my blog suggests... What can be imagined, can be achieved.

I proved this to myself yesterday when I walked the 10km Bridge To Brisbane course with Team AXF in under two hours. Yes, it was only just under two hours - but I think walking 10km  in under 2 hours, exactly 12 months after breaking my foot, is a pretty good achievement. And I don't care if this is self praise, because I am bloody proud of myself, and my team mates, for making this happen.

A huge thank you to my gorgeous team mates, Nicole and Amy, for providing such motivation and encouragement along the way. We did well girls. Really well. It was fun!

Our sponsorship page is going to be open through September if anyone would like to still sponsor us. 

Amy and Nicole crossing the bridge.

Official TEAM AXF Post Event Photo.
Under 2 hours. What can be imagined, CAN be achieved!

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