Thursday, February 28, 2013

MH Feature: 'Top Five 'Screaming at the TV' moments from The Walking Dead'

Warning, if you have not watched this series, this article will contain spoilers

Since I’ve taken over the position of features editor I have been living and breathing, let alone walking and talking, my new position. I can’t say the same of the folk I’ve spent the past couple of weeks with – erm, on TV.

Ten days ago I started – albeit belatedly; I’m a busy features editor!  – watching a television series, AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’.  Laurie Holden, who plays the character ‘Andrea’ on the series, is the reason started watching.  She’s a fave. As a means of research into her character and performance, since Holden was scheduled to attend ‘Supanova Pop Culture Expo’ on the Gold Coast in April – which we’re covering for Moviehole, I thought I best take a look (Unfortunately due to a scheduling conflict, this appearance has been rescheduled.)  The result, however, is I have found myself quickly hooked on the show.  As someone who is a sucker for anything that is even remotely drama and thriller genre orientated (“Geordie Shore” need not apply), I knew from pretty much, well, the pilot ep that this was going to be the show for me.  I’m going to blame my rushing through of the series – it’s only taken me nine days to catch up on three seasons of this remarkable series, created by three time Oscar Nominee, Frank Darabont – on my addictive personality.

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