Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gym obsessed? Who'd have thought it.

Last month I joined up at Go Health Clubs (Carindale) and I've quickly found myself addicted to their amazing classes that they have on offer. Namely Les Mills 'BodyJam'.

For those who don't know what that is, watch the above video. 'BodyJam' is a fusion of cardio and dance, and is a run as a  55 minute dance class. I've been doing this for approximately five weeks now, and I've become addicted.

To the point where I went out and bought actual dance fitness shoes. Too much? Perhaps. But they're mega awesome. And if you ask my fiance, when I wear it combined with my puffy vest, I look like someone that's stepped out of the 80s.

I also do Yoga once a week. That has taken some getting used to, especially given that I am not flexible - at all. Last week though I reached a point in the class where I've stepped up a level, and left the class feeling relaxed rather than exhausted. For those who are Yoga newbies, like me, my advice to you is BREATHE. If you don't do the breathing, you will almost certainly either almost pass out, or throw up.

So... while I'm eating semi healthy still (I indulge on weekends) and doing  4-5 gym sessions a week, I've found myself with so much more energy, improved moods and just generally feel so much better.  This started with a need to fit into a wedding dress, now it's something that is changing my life.

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