Monday, August 26, 2013

What's the best way to spend a Sunday? Here's how I spent mine yesterday.

I got up early. I watched the sunrise while travelling down to the bayside. Enjoyed a couple of bridal magazines and a skinny hot chocolate, then I hit the gym.

On yesterdays timetable? Sh'bam followed by BodyPump.

I'd never done BodyPump before and let me tell you - I was a little intimidated by taking on this program. But, under the assurance from many people around me that I am going to get fabulous results from it, I decided to bite the bullet and go for it. Sunday morning being the only morning that suits me to pick up this class - it looks like I'll be at the gym now 6 days a week.

I found the class extremely challenging being that I haven't really tackled strength training before. I did Grit Strength twice, but injured myself in my second class so I scared myself out of training. Now I'm easing back into it.

Sh'bam was hilarious, and a really REALLY good warm-up for BodyPump.

I have to thank Niki for really encouraging me to pursue this program, and also for taking the time to show me techniques. It's something that I'm definitely going to persist with.

Also - if you find yourself down Cleveland way - you have to go and have brunch at the marina.  :-)

Edited 28/8/2013: As a side note. Three days have passed and my legs are still bloody sore!

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