Saturday, March 01, 2014

Doubt sucks.

I'm injured.

The best thing I can do right now is chill out here at home and heal... but all I want to do right now is put my reeboks on, and go dance in BodyJam class. I want to apply everything I learned (and more) and get up and present my tracks to a class. I'm ready to continue on this journey I started a few weeks ago... alas, I'm sitting here with my trusty ice-packs and am lost in my thoughts.

This is where doubts start to sneak in. I'm not a trained dancer... my technique has to come a long way... and I can't practice while I'm injured so I feel like completely lame.

I need to be less hard on myself andnot push it, but doubt makes you do silly things. Head made the decision to take the weekend off... heart is really upset right now.

Not looking for sympathy or encouragement... just wanted to express what's going on.

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