Monday, May 19, 2014

It's been awhile since I've done an update to my blog - mainly because I've been so busy concentrating on getting my fitness back, learning choreography, attending various appointments about my shin splints, and now frantically practicing my technique. All in the name of BodyJam.

So, in the last few months since I've posted... I've attended my first super workshop (Filex) which was in Melbourne. The only word I can use to describe that experience was awe-inspiring. Not only did we get to participate in the upcoming releases for Les Mills, we got the opportunity to meet the program directors and ask them questions. I asked Gandalf "G" Archer for some advice that he had for new instructors and he had some really good advice - especially about finding "yourself" and your own essence within your program.

It was also really cool getting to spend some time in Melbourne not just with my gym/Les Mills crowd - but with my AXF Geeks. We had "dinner" together on the Friday night at Max Brenner of all places. Mmmm Waffles. Special thanks to the gorgeous Col who let me crash at her place on the Friday night.

Since then, I've been attending physiotherapy weekly - well, now it's down to fortnightly. I've been to the podiatrist and have orthotics for my Reebok High-tops. Everything I can do try and get these shins under control so I can get up and start teaching. Shortly after Filex I got up and shadowed BodyJam 68 with my mentor. My fitness level wasn't there, and my shins weren't ready, so I went back to training to get the fitness level back. It's now been 13 weeks since my original injury, and I have to say that only today am I starting to feel normal again - my muscles have been recovering quicker, and my shins aren't really painful after classes/drilling/mirror work. In the last two weeks I've had two pretty intense mirror work sessions (Thanks Niki, love your work) and I've recovered fairly well from them.

I think I'm finally getting somewhere.

I've been shadowing at Cleveland and Victoria Point while another trainee takes the mic and works towards certification on the same release that I'm training on. Feedback has been good, and we can only improve. I'm pretty daunted at the prospect of taking the mic again in a few weeks time, but at least I've got a few weeks on stage prior to that - and plenty of time to build my fitness so that I can really get to full "breakout".

I still have doubts every day. But those doubts are becoming less and less. It's slowly becoming "yes, I will get there."

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