Tuesday, February 21, 2012

[ Vanity ] Wanting to change a few things

When it comes to my body, I have never normally been a particularly vain person. The only thing I really don't like about myself is my hair. No matter how much I style it, change the colour or the texture, add extentions - whatever - I just don't like my hair. I've had the same hair for now approaching twelve months - and of course this is when I start to get bored. My hair is super fine, so once it gets any length to it, it starts to look horrible. So I got extensions. But keeping the blonde hair the same colour as the extensions can be super expensive.

So thankful that I have my hairdresser. I am so thankful that even though she has left the industry all together for now, that she still wants to do my hair for me. She is amazing.

I mean - what I am thinking about doing is not much different to what I have now. It is the same length. I could still wear my extensions to make it longer... it's just more textured and has a fringe. I have never had a fringe like this before so that scares me a little bit. But as people tell me, there are clips and gels and accessories (and of course hats) that could cover it if I don't like it.

And it will grow back. 

So. To cut or not to cut?

I've also been on a healthy eating plan for the last week to try and jump start my immune system and also try and feel healthier as well. Having two months off all exercise last year really made me think about getting back into shape. Lots of active events coming up that will require some stamina on my part - especially Lady Gaga in June. On Sunday I started walking again, and went up to my local gym to check it out. Their facilities are pretty good - and I think I am going to join on a non contract basis in case I change my mind. And although my body hates me right now because it is getting used to good food and less sugar - I know in the long run I will be much better off.

I just have to get through the withdrawal symptoms that I'm experiencing right now.

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