Thursday, March 15, 2012

[ Fandom ] For the record 20th Century Fox

A message for 20th Century Fox that is too long for status update or tweet:

Hey 20th Century Fox, if you don't want to finish a story that you helped to start in 1993, why don't you release the rights back to Chris Carter and let him, Frank Spotnitz and anyone else who wants to be involved and let them FINISH 'The X-Files' Saga. Honestly, it doesn't look like you guys want to make it - so why not grant the creator the opportunity to finish what he started. All the cast want in for it as well - the only people in the way of making the damned movie are YOU!

Also - stop blaming 'The X-Files - I Want To Believe' for the budget problems of the '24' movie - there are plenty of other films out there that aren't doing so well - with a much larger budget than IWTB. Don't forget that IWTB bought in double what it cost to make. Sure it didn't do as well stateside, but it did bloody well around the rest of the world.

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