Thursday, April 26, 2012

[ Love/Fandom ] Out of the running...

It's okay guys. Really. I'm reluctant to post how I'm really feeling right now (It would make Gillian proud the use of my colourful language ;) ) but it's just gotta show you that the universe doesn't always unfold as you want it to - but it does unfold as it should. 
Cem put a lot of hard work into his Mustachio video and concept - and deserves to go through to the final - between him, Aussie Vader and all the other entries I was always going to have a tough battle on the road to the top five. 
Life wasn't meant to be easy. --- And I have so much to look forward to with the trip to Melbourne in June to hang out with the Philes and have dinner with Mitch Pileggi. Nothing to complain about. Nothing at all.
Congrats Cem Selamet - Good luck with the final. 
Show those other geeks why FANDOM is the best way of life.  

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