Thursday, April 26, 2012

[ Fandom ] This is why I love my Fandom. Hands down.

This, my readers, is why The X-Files Fandom is the best fandom in the world.  When you are feeling down and out, there is always someone who can help bring things back to perspective. To reality. To remember what is important at the end of the day. Winning the competition would have been nice, but it didn't happen. You have to take the positive out of the situation and run with it. The phile love is definitely making me feel better. I was really unhappy before, but the love and support of everyone is really doing a great deal to bring it all home, back to reality. This competition wasn't the be all and end all of life, and I still have so much to do. This was just an opportunity to travel, meet with my Philes, and see Gillian. 

And all that can be done at a future date.... 20th Century Fox just need to set that date.


So you're no doubt disappointed right now and I can totally understand why, you worked so hard and you WERE the most creative entrant, there is no denying that. But I just want you to know that even in loss you have won. You have shown the power of fandom, the power of our RELATIONSHIPS with each other and even with the creators of our beloved show. I don't believe the other entrants did that. What you did is proved that what can be imagined, CAN be achieved, even if it's not in the way we first dreamt it. You proved the power of the X-Files (and its Philes), and you should be damn proud, because I have never been prouder of you. I love you. Be strong. Call if you need me.- Kaitlyn Dundler

The show was never meant to be mainstream, we got there by zeitgeist and accident. More popular fandoms win by sheer numbers, certainly not by quality. We rule the fringe. The upper one, that is. And admit it - we like it that way, as any elite, as any secret society, any conspiracy does. We know that you rule, Sandi - Kai Krick

Look at it as room for another door to open. The universe works its magic in its own way and you just need to be open to it. i really liked it and a lot of others looks like. Trust that. Better luck next time. - Sharon Stantic

I'm sorry to hear that Sandi, after all the work you and Craig put into your entry. But you (and we) know that you're a 'top geek' and I hope that you're still extremely proud of what you did achieve and the whole process and experience xxx - Jessica Bankin

No Top Geek final for Sandi, no BAFTA nom for Gillian this is just one unfuckingbelievable fuckity week!!! My condolences Sandi - but like I said a few days ago - you're a winner in our eyes & hearts Kiddo ♥ - Wendy Lennon

Since the first 3 posts used variations of "Fuck," allow me to continue this creativity: Frakitiy fuck frak that.  Philes rule.  And we'll get a 3rd film made. What geek in that competition can say they aided in that. - Erica Fraga

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