Tuesday, May 01, 2012

[ Wedding ] Dreams Do Come True

I never thought I'd be lucky enough to say that I'm going to be talking to William of WilliamVintage about the possibility of getting a gown for my Wedding in 2014.

You know when you have a dream, you should put it out there to the universe. You never know what will unfold to make it come true.

I tweeted that my dream dress for my wedding would come from WilliamVintage, making sure that I included his Twitter handle... But, it's hard to have Champagne tastes when you have a cheap sparking wine budget.

Imagine my surprise when William tweeted back, saying he had a dress for under £400.

That is still quite expensive considering I'm only going to be wearing it for pictures. BUT, if I can get my hands on a gorgeous vintage gown - I'd be an idiot to turn down the opportunity. 

Here's hoping it will fit me.

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