Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Okay. So. Yeah.

Our contract arrived this morning for our ceremony venue. Cue me hyperventilating. A little.

Do you know what has made me reach for a paper bag this morning? One teeny tiny word on the contract.


I've also had a bunch of people email me or text me saying 'Where is our Save The Date?' - Honestly guys, yes we realise that we need to give you a little bit of notice... but at the same time, please just chill out a little bit, and let me get them made and sent out.

We are not paying people to make our invitations. Putting them together while trying to work full time and plan all the other details is rather time consuming. I appreciate your patience, and your enthusiasm, but please just let me get them together. You will have them. Hopefully by the end of October at the latest.

Why are they taking so long? There are a lot of elements to the invite that need to be put together.

I also realise that this is may come across as a little bit Bridezilla. I promise it is not. It is just the reality of the event setting in - and so many questions being posed by so many people who may not even be necessarily involved with our day.

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