Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Slapped in the face by reality today.

Got a few facebook messages from my friends on the opposite side of the world, saying that they are starting to receive their Save The Date cards.

Watching the days tick by. 9 whole months have passed since C and I started on this planning adventure.

Realising that while we have made a lot of decisions, we haven't actually set anything in stone. We have a maybe for the venue, we have a maybe for our celebrant, we have a maybe for our reception. The only actual thing that is set in stone is my dress - and I know this because the appointment has been set to go and collect it. At least this is something. And I am SO excited about this something.

Oh, and the date. We have set the date.

How expensive are wedding accessories?! My dress is cheap by comparison. I cannot believe it. $300 for a bouquet, $250 for a headband, $250 for a necklace? Just WHAT!? The moment you attach wedding the cost of everything goes up by an exuberant amount.

Shoes. I thought I found what shoes I want. I need to get my dress home so I can go shopping for those fun things like shoes and accessories. I will find what I like, and then go on the hunt for something that is at least half the price.

Except for maybe the bouquet - that brooch bouquet is just stunning.

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