Friday, November 02, 2012

I'm no baker...

Baking - somewhere during attempt '3'

Definitely learned over this past week that baking is not my strength.

I have been trying to bake a gorgeous mocha mudcake for my cousin's 30th birthday party this weekend... each attempt has failed. Well... attempts 1-3 tasted good but sunk in the middle - attempt 4 (from scratch) was over buttery and really quite awful - attempt 5 (baking right now) will be my final attempt before I go to Coles, grab four packet mixes, and go that way.

It would have been much cheaper having a professional do this. But, I wanted to give it a go since we managed to bake 80+ cupcakes for our Engagement party back in March.

Challenge. It's all about setting yourself challenges. ; )

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