Friday, February 08, 2013

'Outside My Window' Photography

During the recent stormy weather in South-East Queensland thanks to an ex-tropical cyclone, I was a bit bored and wanted to document what was going on outside. Since it was crazy weather outside (and we had no power for approximately 48 hours), I tried to capture what was going on through my window.

This set of photos became my 'Outside my Window' series.

During the height of the storm, two Kookaburras sit together on the neighbours clothesline.

The following day, that clothesline was destroyed by flying debris.
Large raindrops on overgrown grass.

Rain falling on the roof of the backyard storage shed.
Heavy rain falling through our large tree in the backyard.
Flooding that started to happen in our front yard.
Thirsty plants receiving a much needed drink of water.
Rain falling on the roof of our carport. Had not seen rain like this in years.
The front yard was under about a foot of water by the end of the event.

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