Monday, August 19, 2013

Healthy Living: Gym Life + Classes = Happiness!

It's so funny to think that when I started blogging quite some time ago now, that the majority of it was filled with fangirl flailings. How things can change in the blink of an eye. Sure, there's still a large chunk of my life dedicated to all things pop culture through working at the amazing Moviehole - but since I've been planning my destination wedding, and trying to fit into my dream wedding dress... my priorities have somewhat shifted in the last six months. The shift is somewhat life-changing. Please indulge me while I get this out! :-)

For those who read my blog (I know I have people out there who read - thank you!) - you will know that I joined the gym back in February so that I could fit into my wedding dress. Little did I realise that it was going to be something that would become highly addictive and bring me so much joy! I can see why people become addicted to fitness - you feel amazing post workout, you make tons of friends during group fitness classes - and depending on how hard you work, your body transforms very quickly. I was never a big girl - I know this. But since quitting smoking in 2004 and developing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome shortly afterwards, my body was never what it used to be when I was working in Hospitality - going to the gym 3 times a week - and swimming as well.

So... I'm approaching the seven month mark of when I joined Go Health (Carindale) - I never thought I'd still be so dedicated to the gym at this point. It's got something to do with the incredible atmosphere that's created within the walls of the club (it's dark, it's got amazing nightclub lighting and even a DJ playing on certain days) - it's got a pink 'Go Girl' girls only section, quite possibly the most inspirational Group Fitness Managers and instructors in the country, and of course AMAZING group fitness classes including Les Mills BodyJam.

The idea was to fit into the wedding dress. I achieved that within a month of discovering Niki's BodyJam class. Then I surpassed it. Now my dress is too big and I have to have it taken in slightly. Oh well. :-)

Now it's all about trying to master the BodyJam moves --- because next year, I hope to undergo initial instructor training! I may never teach it, but to be able to pass the instructor training would be a huge achievement for this tall, lanky, hugely uncoordinated girl with two left feet. If you're looking for me, most evenings I'll be at classes around Brisbane - anywhere from Nundah to Cleveland.

I'm also going to be picking up a couple of extra classes, including BodyPump!

Strength training, come at me!

I also have to send out huge thanks to the amazing instructors that have really driven me for the last few months. Sharyn, Niki, Johnny, Sarah and Tiana (and Matty when I Sh'bam!). Thank you. :-)

Also, there's the friends that I've made at the gym too, including and not limited to Eden, Oscar, Shannon, Kymmie, Sachiko, Tara and Sylvia (and of course Stacey and Nic who I knew outside of Go first!).

Lastly... I have this amazing Platinum membership which allows me to take a +1 at any time. If you ever want to come along and see why this has become such a huge part of my life - just let me know. I promise you that my enthusiasm, my friends enthusiasm and the instructors enthusiasm is really hard to avoid - and I can also say that you'll more than likely want to join up. If you're a friend of mine outside the gym - this is probably the only way you're going to get to see me in the next little bit anyway!

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