Sunday, September 30, 2012

Yesterday I attended another amazing day meditation course put on by the Brisbane Tara Kadampa Buddhist Centre focusing on Inner Strength.

Without going into too much detail - the amazing Kelsang Tsalden tought us that in the search for inner strength we must let go of the fear and the 'what if' in any situation and just accept that this is our fate - once you accept whatever is thrown at you, you will be able to handle any situation. She said that all living beings have suffering at some stage in their life - no one is perfect - and the sooner you realise that everyone has something that they are struggling with, and you are able to approach all living beings with compassion, kind heart and strong mind - you will develop inner strength, and will find an amazing sense of inner peace.

Her whole teaching was based on the book 'Eight Steps To Happiness' by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso - which I am reading right now. I cannot wait to really take on board the teaching from yesterdays course, and hopefully be able to successfully practice the meditation we learned.

At one point during the lesson - Tsalden was talking about not being afraid to use your imagination. That without imagination, ideas wouldn't be born, and would cease to exist. Without an architect designing a house, planning it out, it would not happen. In a sense, pretty much my mantra that I took from The X-Files of what can be imagined, can be achieved. You could not wipe the smile off my face during this part of the lesson. : )

Your body is a wish-fulfilling jewel.

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