Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year. 2013. What's in store?

Haven't blogged since Mid December. Doesn't mean that I've been sitting around doing nothing. Quite the opposite! Christmas and New Year was a flutter activity, and I'm now back at work.

Very excited to take on a new role in 2013 (because I haven't got enough on my plate, I thought I'd challenge myself further!!).

I'm very excited to write that I have been appointed features editor for the amazing Moviehole.Net - one of Australia's longest running, and most popular, movie and entertainment websites. This role is going to be exciting, and challenging. I've already been assigned an article that I've been working hard on. A topic that is very well known by me personally, so it is going to be possibly the toughest assignment of my life (being that I will be the most critical). That being said, I am thrilled to be working for someone that I am so thankful I can call a friend. CM. He is one who truly strives to take any situation to the next level. He is someone that I draw a lot of inspiration from, and I am excited to see what this role has in store for me.

In other news, we spent a week at Tamborine Mountain, camping with some of our friends and getting out of our heads to ring in the new year. I took a lot of photos, including our friends saddling up and going on a horse ride. I am yet to have a chance to even look at them on my computer, but I will put some of those up soon.

My sister and her fiance are here until the end of the month. We have their engagement party this weekend! I am thrilled to be asked to be her maid of honour.

'Limited Edition' Wristbands for SA-YES are still coming... although they seem to be somewhat held up by a customs issue. Dealing with that. Hoping to have information for everyone shortly about that.

The wedding planning is still coming along. Official invites will be put into photoshop and printed within the month. Must start bringing things forward that I have had on the backburner for some time.

I hope to attend many more Buddhist classes throughout the year.

And finally, really hoping that 20th Century Fox greenlight X-Files 3 sometime soon.

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