Friday, March 01, 2013

XF3 Ramblings

I contemplated writing these musings for Moviehole, but as I don't want to flood my new job with X-Files posts. I promised the previous Features editor that I wouldn't, and I plan to stick to that promise... maybe. Liv if you're reading, I'll do my best! 

So I'm sat here, in gloomy rainy Brisbane (it reminds me a lot of Vancouver outside) feeling a little sorry for myself... as I tend to do when there's a convention appearance looming. I get it... I live in the Southern Hemisphere. The Northern Hemisphere conventions are out of my reach. It doesn't mean that I'm not going to feel sad that I can't attend.

But I digress...

The following musings are from my own mind. These are my thoughts. MINE. They are not from anyone else but me. If you want to flame me for them, I suggest you just stop reading and go and do something else with the time it would take you to read this post. It's purely to get these thoughts out of my own brain and put them down into my blog. That's why I started blogging in the first place.

So, if you're still with me and haven't run away, here's what I think.

The X-Files did have its finale on television, in the form of 'The Truth'... but X-Files 3 should something that should really send the show off with a bang. It should be big, it should be loud, it should be scary and it should be somewhat OBNOXIOUS!

It should have a kick ass score, delivered by the genius that is Mr Mark Snow.

It should have Mulder and Scully (and dare I say it, William) fighting to save the world from colonization.

It should have everything that made that amazing mythology story so entertaining. There should be aliens. There should be black oil. There should be bees. But, not so many bees that Mulder and Scully get interrupted in the hallway again, because then I'll hurt someone. Maybe I should take up bee-keeping? ;)

Also, it needs to have a big guest star. Each of the previous movies has had one. Martin Landau in 'Fight The Future'. Billy Connolly in 'I Want To Believe'.  Who would you want to see as the big name in X-Files 3?

Sure, a feature film is going to require millions of dollars to produce, I don't dispute that... but that's not a decision to come from anyone BUT 20th Century Fox at the moment. As Gillian Anderson said in my feature on Moviehole, it is Fox that needs to be convinced. In an interview that David Duchovny did recently, he said the ball is in Fox's court. "I would bet on us coming back." he said in an interview with the Chicago Sun Times.

XF3 should attempt to wrap up every single unanswered question, and if they are going to pose further questions, then don't leave it open for the series to be rebooted (I don't think my purist heart could take that).

Do you know what? Here's a thought. If you leave questions unanswered, it would be a perfect lead in to a series of Graphic Novels. You could continue on with the story that way. I would buy them. I know countless fans that would also buy them.

All the above needs to have 20th Century Fox's greenlight anyway. And until that comes, there's no point even arguing the delivery method. It is what it is. You can write to 20th Century Fox until your hand falls off. While you're attempting to regenerate a new one using a salamander (Young At Heart), I suggest you go and take a look at the many campaigns that have put on in the last five years.

And for those fans who are scared that this is going to be the end. Yes it's scary. But we'll all get through it together. Many other fandom franchises have not been as lucky as we have been with nine seasons and two feature films under our belt.

Other series only get that once chance to be on television, for one season. I'm so thankful that we've had what we've had. A talented cast and crew who are dedicated to making the fandom happy, and extremely dedicated to that final chapter in The X-Files Saga.

To quote the amazing Mr Frank Spotnitz, 'Don't Give Up'. Because if the fans give up, then what is left for the studio to believe in? Keep the faith alive. Sure, I know it's a big ask when we have been fighting this cause long and hard for close to five years. But it's what we do. We want to believe. 

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  1. I couldn't agree with you more on everything you said. Have to admit, I laughed when talked about the "right" number of bees and taking up bee keeping. If that's what it takes to get the completion of that wonderful moment, COUNT ME IN on bee keeping!

    Guest stars...hmm. That's tough! Want someone fairly well known, but not too huge they'd overshadow Anderson & Duchovny (and the entire film for that matter). Gonna have to think about that one, although it might be nice to have a few people that were unknowns when they appeared in the show, but have since made it big if only for a small cameo walking through a scene or something like that. Again...not overshadowing the entire movie, of course!

    I'm with you...mostly on the reboot idea too. Really don't think I could stand seeing anyone else playing Mulder and Scully. However, I did see a very amusing YouTube video that pitched an idea of a prequel about Fox Mulder before he went to work at the FBI (his younger years, his sister's abduction, teenage years, and time at Oxford). In that case, I could see it work in having someone else play Mulder, but it would have to stay true to the character. A full-on reboot just wouldn't work for me, though.

    Graphic novels...just getting into these, but I'm in for continuing adventures of Mulder and Scully.

    Fans really deserve a fitting end to the franchise. Yes, the end is scary, but if well done we'll walk away content. The television finale, "The Truth", really didn't achieve that. It was disappointing to say the least, feeling much like a spoon-fed clip show for anyone who'd caught an episode here and there over the years instead of a fulfilling ending to the myth arc that the fans deserved. That's why I think there seems to be such a push here to get (as you put it) big, loud, scary, and obnoxious film with aliens, a Mark Snow score, and of course Mulder and Scully in all their glory doing what they do best! I really hope it happens, and refuse to give up!!!