Monday, June 17, 2013

'City 2 South' 14km Walk

Post walk - Everyone received a
participation medal.
Yesterday saw me finally put my sneakers on and participate in the 14km 'City 2 South' - walking the distance to raise funds for one of my favourite charities, 'South African Youth Education For Sustainability'.

I was thrilled to pass my $500 target on Friday morning, and gave me extra motivation to walk this course to the best of my ability. The official website had said that to prepare for this course, that participants should be doing 4 sessions of cardio and 1 weights session a week. I had this covered already in my regular gym activities.

The worst part about this walk, was the 5am wake up call on a chilly winters morning (with a Chest Cold).

Everything else about this walk was an absolute delight. 14km from Queensland Parliament House, through the city, across the river, down Coronation Drive, around to the University of Queensland and then back up through Highgate (HEARTBREAK) Hill before the final 1km downhill stretch to the finish line at Musgrave Park, West End. Can't complain about the event at all.

The course was gorgeous, the weather was perfect and the company was wonderful.

Approaching the 11km mark, preparing to pass Kevin Rudd
Ex-Prime Minister of Australia.
My lovely friend (and fellow SA-YES Supporter) Nicole walked with me, and helped me set the pace.

I had given myself the goal of around 2 hours 10 minutes for completion. I didn't tell Nic that. ; ) In previous years we have walked the 10km 'Bridge To Brisbane' course in 2 hours one year, and 1 hour 50 minutes last year. This course (an extra 4km longer than Bridge to Brisbane), we set a cracking pace of approximately 6.5km/hour throughout the 14km which saw us complete the course in 2 hours and 7 minutes.

I would like to thank everyone for their encouragement, their sponsorship and their support throughout the months leading up to this event - and I will be leaving my Justgiving Sponsorship page up for a little while longer if anyone has any spare change they would like to throw SA-YES' way.

I'll be participating in the 10km 'Bridge To Brisbane' on September 1 and will be looking for amazing sponsorship and support again. This will be the first year that I have participated in not one, but two charity walks. I'm even contemplating jogging the next event if I can get my fitness level up. 

Finally, good luck to Team SA-YES who are running the London 10km in July! :-)

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