Thursday, July 18, 2013

Planning a Destination Wedding...

When my fiance and I started planning our destination wedding in 2011, the amount of support and 'Oh yes we will be there' responses was somewhat overwhelming. 

Had we have known that 90% of those people would end up pulling out after our plans were contracted, I think our wedding would have been a completely different affair - it's safe to say that we possibly would have just eloped - and told people if they wanted to be there that we'd give them the information.

We know it is damned expensive to take a trip overseas. We know all too well.  We did not expect any of our friends or family to go into great debt to come to our wedding - which is why we gave pretty much two years notice with our save the dates, had a very detailed wedding website with options for all budgets and we both vowed that whoever came across to Canada to celebrate our special day, would be well taken care of. 

It is extremely discouraging that as our date gets closer - as contracts are paid for etc, that more and more people who were solidified in the beginning, are now not attending. When you have things like a minimum spend of $4000 on food and beverage at your reception venue, and it only looks like you're going to have a very small number of attendees - it can be somewhat frustrating, to the point of why are we even bothering?

We're bothering because we want to get married in this place. We both love it. We are super excited that we even have the numbers coming along that we do - it's just, had we have known so many people were going to pull out - we would have made other arrangements I think.


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  2. So sorry to hear about your wedding problems. Hindsight is 20/20, so they say. I have a feeling people have the best intention of going, but as time marches on things change. No matter what, it's your day...and a lot of people will be sharing in your joy no matter if they are there in person or in spirit. I wish you and your fiancé a very happy wedding day to start your life together off right! :)